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A socio-economically developed town with empowered people who nurture their heritage and sustainably manage their resources through shaved and service-oriented governance.
To create a socio-economically developed environment through sustainable management of resources and enhancement of people’s capabilities for inclusive growth.

  • CLUP finalized
  • Legislative Tracking and Oversight Committee created
  • Municipal Revenue Generation Plan drafted
  • Municipal Investment Plan drafted
  • Loon Tourism Enterprises Management Office established
  • Tubig-Loon Spring Park Management Office established
  • Human Resource Management Plan drafted
  • PRAISE adopted
  • Citizen’s Charter reviewed and revised
  • LGU website improved
  • IT Office established
  • Accounts Payable Section established
  • BAC office established
  • Fast-tracking system established and institutionalized
  • Documents storage and retrieval system established

  • Unfinished infrastructure projects for economic enterprises completed
  • Local revenue increased
  • Economic programs, projects and activities that promote agricultural production, trading and tourism launched
  • Barangay roads constructed, maintained or improved
  • Local employment and job opportunities generated
  • Municipal Tourism Master Plan fully implemented
  • Implementation of the Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Development Plan sustained with F3P as banner program
  • Production of high-valued crops, livestock, poultry and marine products increased
  • Agri/Fishery ecotourism package developed
  • Loon Waterworks System services and facilities further improved
  • Anti-rabies program sustained

  • Healthcare facilities rehabilitated, reconstructed or constructed; delivery of healthcare services enhanced
  • Healthcare service delivery further improved
  • Health education and promotion activities sustained
  • RHU 1 and RHU 2 provided with the needed personnel, equipment, training and supplies and materials
  • Illegal drugs use, illegal gambling and criminality in general drastically reduced
  • PNP and BFP well-equipped for SAR operations and other emergency situations
  • Educational programs implemented and sustained
  • Sports development and youth employment programs (summer job) set in place
  • Community-based livelihood enterprises launched
  • Local police station further strengthened in number, capability and facilities
  • Assistance for indigent individuals, children, women, senior citizens and PWDs provided
  • Cultural Events and projects result in development and enhancement of local pride especially among the youth

  • Forest Land Use Plan incorporated into the CLUP
  • Moalong Watershed protected from destructive exploitation and illegal practices
  • Mangrove and marine ecosystem studied, properly utilized, conserved and protected
  • Best practices in waste management adopted and sustained
  • Knowledge on disaster risk reduction disseminated and applied
  • Implementation of coastal resource management program sustained
  • Clean and green communities established
  • Communities well informed on environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and disaster preparedness
  • ISWM ordinance strictly enforced and best practices adapted to local situations

  • Infrastructure projects for public service, economic enterprise, tourism and public amusement implemented and completed
  • Technical requirements for acquisition of private property accomplished


I am a Phillippine councilor, mandated by law to enact measures and ordinances that redound to the general welfare of my constituents in their pursuit for happiness, peace and prosperity.

I believe in public service above self as the guiding principle of my official acts.

And as I tread the pathways of local legislations, may the Almighty guide my mind and heart that I shall be true to my constituents and the Filipino People.


We, the Members of the 15th Sangguniang Bayan of the Municipality of Loon, comprising of the Vice-Mayor, the Eight (8) regular members and two (2) ex-officio members of the Sangguniang Bayan, with the full support and coordinating efforts of the Sanggunian Legislative Staff, do hereby commit ourselves:

  1. To maximize our efforts in the performance of our Legislative, Quasi-Judicial and Administrative Functions for the general welfare of the Loonanons;
  2. To introduce and enact policies that are Pro-God, Pro-Life and Pro-People, and never shall we submit as instruments for the legalization or actualization of whatever beliefs, principles or practices that are contrary to law, public order, public policy, good customs, moral values, Divine Plan, Divine Will and Divine Laws on Earth;
  3. To work together as a team with the slogan: “The Success of All: The Success of Everyone”.

So help us God!